Our team of midwives

Henna Playfair

In 1974 I studied as a midwife. I have been the practice owner at Midwifery Practice Bijlmermeer for over 25 years now. It is important to me that I really go through the process to the birth together with the pregnant woman (and partner). I do this by giving you personal advice about pregnancy and childbirth and by providing you with the best possible support. I patient, motivating and offers you a listening ear. In addition to my work as a midwife, I am committed to the care of undocumented pregnant women. For example, I am Child Abuse Attention Officer, and I write protocols in collaboration with gynaecologists. I like to spend my free time with her two sons and granddaughter.

Gladys Wilson

At the Midwifery School in Amsterdam I learned how to guide women in the natural course of pregnancy and childbirth. I take my work seriously and put quality and personal care first. I am thoughtful and honest and try to help you where I can. I am cheerful, energetic and I love to dance or sing in my spare time. I also enjoy cooking and sports, especially jogging, cycling and swimming. I thoroughly enjoy being with my daughters and grandchildren.

Willemijn Speelman

Before I chose this direction, I studied social work for two years. Although I was also working there with other people and how I could help them, I only really found my calling when I trained as a midwife in Rotterdam. What I like about this profession is that I guide women through a natural process. I combine my experience in social work and obstetrics to make you feel safe, calm and calm during labour. When I am not working I like to spend time with my husband and three children. Being with family and friends is very important to me. In addition, I like to go to the Arena with my son to watch Ajax play football.

Lucienne Read

I graduated from the Midwifery Academy Amsterdam. For my midwifery education, I studied economics and worked for several years in the financial market. I chose to work in the Bijlmer because the diversity in cultures and people attracts me. I am a clinical midwife at the Amsterdam UMC location Amc, before that I worked for almost 10 years in the Onze Lieve Vrouwen Gasthuis location East. I have always combined my clinical work as a midwife with my work in primary care and have been working in practice since 2008. In my spare time I enjoy my family and watch my sons on the football field almost every weekend.

Nosheeba Mushtaq

I have had a lot of admiration for this profession from an early age. I trained as a Midwife in Belgium. After graduating I started working in this practice. I really enjoy working in this multicultural district of Amsterdam. It feels like a privilege every day. Pregnancy is something very personal and I like the personal contact I can have with the pregnant woman and their partner. I try to make the pregnancy and delivery as much as possible according to the wishes of the parents. For me, the comfort of the family is very important. In my spare time I am usually engaged in social activities or enjoy time with my 2 children. I also like to cook and read.

Karla van Vliet

From the age of 12, I knew what it means to be a midwife, I knew I wanted to be a midwife. After drawing lots for the third time, number 5 on the reserve list, I heard in July 2006 that I had been admitted and I started the training as a midwife at the Midwifery Academy in Amsterdam. I continue to find the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth very impressive. I am grateful to be able to accompany women in this special time of their lives, to witness this. I am a committed and reliable midwife who makes an effort to listen carefully to your wishes. I know how to motivate you well to persevere if you don’t feel like it anymore. I have been working at Bijlmermeer Midwifery Practice since 2014. In my spare time I like to cook for friends and family, you make me very happy with new recipes. I also enjoy being outside a lot, walking, running, supping, enjoying the sun when

Stefanie van der Heide

For several years I have been working as a clinical midwife at the Amsterdam Umc, location Amc. But I started to miss my work as a midwife in the district. That is why I now have a fixed day of consultation per week in this practice. I really like the mix of working in the hospital and in the Bijlmermeer midwifery practice. I can use my experiences over and over again! I recently became a mother of a daughter! And I enjoy every spare minute with her!