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What to arrange


Maternity care contributes to the smooth running of your birth. The nurse makes daily checks on you and your baby. She also helps in the household and taking care of the baby. One has to ask for maternity care before the 16th week of pregnancy to register. Information about this is available during the interview.

Recognition of the child
If you and your partner are not married and you want your baby to give the father's surname, then you must arrange this in the pregnancy with the municipality. Your partner should then recognize your baby.

Maternity leave
If you have a job you are entitled to 16 weeks maternity leave. This lets you record from 6 weeks for delivery up to 4 weeks for delivery. To be eligible for this you must notify your employer that you are pregnant. This will probably ask for a pregnancy certificate. You can get that statement from your midwife.

Birth Declaration
The father must your baby within 3 days after birth indicate the municipality where the child is born. Take an identity card. If you're married you can let your baby credited in the marriage.

Your baby should be insured for medical expenses. This must be the policy of the highest earning parent. After the birth thereof, contact your health insurer.

There are several types of child care as a nanny, a nursery or childminders. A nursery is often long delays. Let yourself why during pregnancy you register as soon after birth wish to use this collection.