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How does a childbirth go?

In most cases labor starts with contractions. Sometimes it starts with the rupture of the membranes. During labor, the cervix will slowly open. If you've never given birth, this could take up to 24 hrs, otherwise up to 12 hrs. When you have contractions, the midwife comes regularly to make sure everything is progressing normally and how the disclosure progresses. Therefor an internal investigation will be done. When you are fully dilated and urge to push, you can start pushing. This takes about an hour at first and if you ever had a baby about half an hour. After the birth your baby will lie on your belly in order to lose no bodyheat. Then we have to wait for the birth of the placenta. Sometimes you'll need to be stitched. You'll get a local anesthetic of course. Finally your baby gets weighed and checked.