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First check

The first check is usually done between the 8th and 10th week of your pregnancy. We'll do an interview. During this intake a lot of things will be discussed, like your medical history and your family and partner and any previous pregnancies. The due date will be calculated and finally some checks like blood pressure are done. It'll be the first time we're going to listen to the heartbeat for the first time. You can ask questions concerning issues important to you and your partner. After this check, a first ultrasound and blood samples will be taken at the hospital. This will be tested for your blood group and rhesus factor, irregular antibodies, lues (a venereal disease), hepatitis B (liver inflammation) and HIV.

Perhaps you have certain questions prior to the first investigation. If so, please contact us. We advise you to contact us in case of bleeding in early pregnancy.

Bring along your ID and insurance card, during the first investigation.