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Where do you want to deliver?

During your pregnancy, we discuss where you want to give birth. It is important that you choose a place where you and your partner is relaxed: it is recommended you best. If everything runs smoothly, you can choose for your home or in hospital. In both cases you are guided by your midwife.

a home birth should be your bed and you stand bobbins pot in a house. Both can be rented to the return of the Home Care Foundation.

If your home like a nurse assisting at childbirth. Make sure the following items ready:
  • the maternity package;
  • a tarp on the mattress, from shoulder to foot (from the maternity package)
  • 2 buckets with plastic bags
  • coated cloth diapers;
  • a po.
Open delivery:
you choose a hospital birth then you ordered the delivery room. You can see that as a relocated home birth. You'll catch the first contractions at home and if necessary we go to the hospital. Instead of a nurse is a nurse present. If everything goes smoothly you go about two hours after the birth of your baby home.
If you like the open delivery, put a bag ready with the following items:
  • clothes for the baby: rompers, pants, sweater, hat, jacket, socks,
  • clothes for the mother + care items;
  • list of phone numbers;
  • camera or camcorder with full batteries
  • punch picture of the hospital
  • with maxi cosi footmuff or wrap.