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Welcome to the site of Verloskundigenpraktijk Bijlmermeer

This site contains information about our practice and you can sign up, if required. We also want to inform you about fertility, pregnancy, labour and the role of the midwife. You can also find many links that may be helpful before you get pregnant, during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. This is how we hope to answer many questions already.

However we prefer to meet you and your possible partner in person to guide you through the process of pregnancy and the birth of your baby.

Midwifery care is fully reimbursed by your health insurance
Our practice is affiliated to the KNOV, the professional organization for midwives. This professional association provides our payment terms, the complaints and privacy code.

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The contents of this site can not bind. The midwives can not be held responsible for consequences resulting from the information from this site. This site contains only generally applicable information. Every pregnancy has its own specific circumstances.

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